Музыкальная студия "La Bella Classic" композитора Алексея Паркова

Список произведений.

1928.mid Tango,+,Albeniz,+,
1929.mid Islamey,+,Balakirev,+,
1930.mid Bagatell_Op.33 No.1,+,Beethoven,+,
1931.mid Bagatell_Op.33 No.4,+,Beethoven,+,
1932.mid Fuer Elise,+,Beethoven,+,
1933.mid Moonlight Sonata_Op.27 No.2 Mvt.1,+,Beethoven,+,
1934.mid Moonlight Sonata_Op.27 No.2 Mvt.2,+,Beethoven,+,
1935.mid Moonlight Sonata_Op.27 No.2 Mvt.3,+,Beethoven,+,
1936.mid Pathetique Sonata_Op.12 Mvt.1,+,Beethoven,+,
1937.mid Pathetique Sonata_Op.12 Mvt.2,+,Beethoven,+,
1938.mid Pathetique Sonata_Op.12 Mvt.3,+,Beethoven,+,
1939.mid Symphony No.5_Mvt.1,+,Beethoven,+,
1940.mid Minuet,+,Boccherini,+,
1941.mid Ballade in d_Op.10 No.1,+,Brahms,+,
1942.mid Ballade in g_Op.118 No.3,+,Brahms,+,
1943.mid Capriccio in b_Op.76 No.2,+,Brahms,+,
1944.mid Intermezzo in A_Op.118 No.2,+,Brahms,+,
1945.mid Intermezzo in B-flat_Op.117 No.2,+,Brahms,+,
1946.mid Intermezzo in E-flat_Op.117 No.1,+,Brahms,+,
1947.mid Intermezzo in c-sharp_Op.117 No.3,+,Brahms,+,
1948.mid Intermezzo in e-flat_Op.118 No.6,+,Brahms,+,
1949.mid Rhapsody in g_Op.79 No.2,+,Brahms,+,
1950.mid Waltz in A-flat_Op.39 No.15,+,Brahms,+,
1951.mid Automne Op.35 No.2_(Etude de Concert),+,Chaminade,+,
1952.mid Ballade_No.1 in g Op.23,+,Chopin,+,
1953.mid Barcarolle Op.60,+,Chopin,+,
1954.mid Etude in A-flat_Op.25 No.1,+,Chopin,+,
1955.mid Etude in E_Op.10 No.3,+,Chopin,+,
1956.mid Etude in G-flat_Op.10 No.5 (Black Key),+,Chopin,+,
1957.mid Etude in a_Op.25 No.11,+,Chopin,+,
1958.mid Etude in c Op.10 No.12_(Revolutionary),+,Chopin,+,
1959.mid Etude in c-sharp_Op.25 No.7 (Cello),+,Chopin,+,
1960.mid Etude in g-sharp_Op.25 No.6,+,Chopin,+,
1961.mid Fantaisie-Impromtu_in c-sharp Op.66,+,Chopin,+,
1962.mid Mazurka in B-flat_Op.7 No.1,+,Chopin,+,
1963.mid Mazurka in b_Op.33 No.4,+,Chopin,+,
1964.mid Mazurka in c-sharp_Op.63 No.3,+,Chopin,+,
1965.mid Mazurka in f-sharp_Op.6 No.1,+,Chopin,+,
1966.mid Nocturne in B_Op.32 No.1,+,Chopin,+,
1967.mid Nocturne in D-flat_Op.27 No.2,+,Chopin,+,
1968.mid Nocturne in E-flat_Op.9 No.2,+,Chopin,+,
1969.mid Nocturne in E_Op.62 No.2,+,Chopin,+,
1970.mid Nocturne in F-sharp_Op.15 No.2,+,Chopin,+,
1971.mid Nocturne in g_Op.37 No.1,+,Chopin,+,
1972.mid Polonaise in A-flat_Op.53,+,Chopin,+,
1973.mid Polonaise in A_Op.40 No.1 (Military),+,Chopin,+,
1974.mid Prelude in A_Op.28 No.7,+,Chopin,+,
1975.mid Prelude in D-flat_Op.28 No.15 (Raindrop),+,Chopin,+,
1976.mid Prelude in b_Op.28 No.5,+,Chopin,+,
1977.mid Prelude in e_Op.28 No.4,+,Chopin,+,
1978.mid Prelude in f-sharp_Op.28 No.8,+,Chopin,+,
1979.mid Scherzo in c-sharp,+,Chopin,+,
1980.mid Waltz in D-flat_Op.64 No.1 (Minute),+,Chopin,+,
1981.mid Waltz in E-flat_Op.18,+,Chopin,+,
1982.mid Waltz in c-sharp_Op.64 No.2,+,Chopin,+,
1983.mid Waltz in e_Op.Posth,+,Chopin,+,
1984.mid Arabesque_No.1 in E,+,Debussy,+,
1985.mid Arabesque_No.2 in G,+,Debussy,+,
1986.mid Clair de lune,+,Debussy,+,
1987.mid Danse,+,Debussy,+,
1988.mid Dr. Gradys ad Parnassum_(Children's Corner),+,Debussy,+,
1989.mid Golliwog's Cake Walk_(Children's Corner),+,Debussy,+,
1990.mid Jimbo's Lullaby_(Children's Corner),+,Debussy,+,
1991.mid Reflections in the Water,+,Debussy,+,
1992.mid Reverie,+,Debussy,+,
1993.mid Serenade for the Doll_(Children's Corner),+,Debussy,+,
1994.mid The Engulfed Cathedral,+,Debussy,+,
1995.mid The Girl With_The Flaxen Hair,+,Debussy,+,
1996.mid The Little Shephered_(Children's Corner),+,Debussy,+,
1997.mid The Snow is Dancing_(Children's Corner),+,Debussy,+,
1998.mid Valse-La plus que lente,+,Debussy,+,
1999.mid To a Wild Rose_Op.51,+,E. MacDowell,+,
2000.mid Pomp &_Circumstance No.1,+,Elgar,+,
2001.mid Gymnopedie No.1,+,Eric Satie,+,
2002.mid Gymnopedie No.2,+,Eric Satie,+,
2003.mid Gymnopedie No.3,+,Eric Satie,+,
2004.mid Mouvement perpetuels,+,F. Poulenc,+,
2005.mid Claire de lune_Op.46 No.2,+,Faure,+,
2006.mid Impromptu in F minor_Op.31 No.2,+,Faure,+,
2007.mid Country Gardens,+,Grainger,+,
2008.mid Irish tune from_Country Derry,+,Grainger,+,
2009.mid Shepherd's Hey,+,Grainger,+,
2010.mid Oriental,+,Granados,+,
2011.mid Air_(Holberg),+,Grieg,+,
2012.mid Anitra's Dance_(Peer Gynt),+,Grieg,+,
2013.mid Arietta_Op.12 No.1,+,Grieg,+,
2014.mid Ase's Death_(Peer Gynt),+,Grieg,+,
2015.mid Elfin Dance,+,Grieg,+,
2016.mid Gavotte_(Holberg),+,Grieg,+,
2017.mid I Love Thee,+,Grieg,+,
2018.mid In the Hall of_the Mt.King (Peer Gynt),+,Grieg,+,
2019.mid March of the Dwarfs_Op.54 No.3,+,Grieg,+,
2020.mid Morning Mood_(Peer Gynt),+,Grieg,+,
2021.mid Nocturne_Op.54 No.4,+,Grieg,+,
2022.mid Preludium_(Holberg),+,Grieg,+,
2023.mid Rigaudon_(Holberg),+,Grieg,+,
2024.mid Sarabande_(Holberg),+,Grieg,+,
2025.mid Solvejg's Song_Op.52 No.4,+,Grieg,+,
2026.mid The Bird_Op.43 No.4,+,Grieg,+,
2027.mid The Butterfly_Op.43 No.1,+,Grieg,+,
2028.mid To the Spring_Op.43 No.6,+,Grieg,+,
2029.mid Wedding Day at Trodhaugen_Op.65 No.6,+,Grieg,+,
2030.mid Sonata in E-flat Mvt.1_(Hob.XVI/52),+,Haydn,+,
2031.mid Sonata in E-flat Mvt.2_(Hob.XVI/52),+,Haydn,+,
2032.mid Sonata in E-flat Mvt.3_(Hob.XVI/52),+,Haydn,+,
2033.mid Aria_(Goldberg Variations),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2034.mid Fugue_(WTC Bk. 1 No.21),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2035.mid Fugue_(WTC Bk.1 No.3),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2036.mid Fugue_(WTC Bk.1 No.5),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2037.mid Fugue_(WTC Bk.1 No.7),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2038.mid Gavotte_(French Suite No. 5),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2039.mid Italian Concerto_Mvt.1,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2040.mid Italian Concerto_Mvt.2,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2041.mid Italian Concerto_Mvt.3,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2042.mid Jesu Joy of_Man's Desiring,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2043.mid March in D,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2044.mid March in G,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2045.mid March in G (2),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2046.mid Musette in D,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2047.mid Prelude in C_(WTC Bk.1),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2048.mid Prelude_(WTC Bk. 1 No. 21),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2049.mid Prelude_(WTC Bk.1 No.3),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2050.mid Prelude_(WTC Bk.1 No.5),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2051.mid Prelude_(WTC Bk.1 No.7),+,J.S. BACH,+,
2052.mid Toccata and Fugue in d,+,J.S. BACH,+,
2053.mid In a Monastery Garden,+,Ketelbey,+,
2054.mid Ave Maria,+,LISZT,+,
2055.mid Concert Etude no.3_in D-flat (Un Sospiro),+,LISZT,+,
2056.mid Hungarian Rhapsody No.2,+,LISZT,+,
2057.mid Liebestraume No.1,+,LISZT,+,
2058.mid Liebestraume No.3,+,LISZT,+,
2059.mid Mephisto Waltz,+,LISZT,+,
2060.mid On the Edge of a Spring,+,LISZT,+,
2061.mid Paganini Etude No.3_(La Campanella),+,LISZT,+,
2062.mid Valse Oubliee,+,LISZT,+,
2063.mid Valse-Impromptu,+,LISZT,+,
2064.mid Andante & Rondo_Capriciosso Op.14,+,Mendelssohn,+,
2065.mid Song of Spring_Op.62 No.6,+,Mendelssohn,+,
2066.mid Song without Words_Op.19 No.1,+,Mendelssohn,+,
2067.mid Song without Words_Op.38 No.2,+,Mendelssohn,+,
2068.mid Song without Words_Op.85 No.1,+,Mendelssohn,+,
2069.mid Spinner's Song_Op.67 No.4,+,Mendelssohn,+,
2070.mid Wedding March,+,Mendelssohn,+,
2071.mid Fantasy in c_K.475,+,Mozart,+,
2072.mid Fantasy in d_K.397,+,Mozart,+,
2073.mid Sonata in A K.331_Mvt.3 (Alla Turca),+,Mozart,+,
2074.mid Sonata in A_K.331 Mvt.1,+,Mozart,+,
2075.mid Sonata in A_K.331 Mvt.2,+,Mozart,+,
2076.mid Sonata in C_K.545 Mvt.1,+,Mozart,+,
2077.mid Sonata in C_K.545 Mvt.2,+,Mozart,+,
2078.mid Sonata in C_K.545 Mvt.3,+,Mozart,+,
2079.mid Variations on_"Ah,vous dirais-je,maman",+,Mozart,+,
2080.mid Ballet of the Unhatched_Chickens (Pictures),+,Mussorgsky,+,
2081.mid Bydlo_(Pictures),+,Mussorgsky,+,
2082.mid Promenade_(Pictures),+,Mussorgsky,+,
2083.mid The Old Castle_(Pictures),+,Mussorgsky,+,
2084.mid Tuileries_(Pictures),+,Mussorgsky,+,
2085.mid Prelude_Op.12 No.7,+,Prokofiev,+,
2086.mid Flight of the Bumblebee,+,Rachmaninov,+,
2087.mid Prelude in c-sharp_Op.3 No.2,+,Rachmaninov,+,
2088.mid Prelude in g_Op.23 No.5,+,Rachmaninov,+,
2089.mid Jeux d'eau (Fountains),+,Ravel,+,
2090.mid Menuet on the Name of_Haydn (Sonatina),+,Ravel,+,
2091.mid Pavane For A Dead_Princess,+,Ravel,+,
2092.mid The Entertainer,+,S. Joplin,+,
2093.mid Sonata in C_L.104 K.159,+,Scarlatti,+,
2094.mid Sonata in F,+,Scarlatti,+,
2095.mid Sonata in d,+,Scarlatti,+,
2096.mid Impromptu in A-flat minor_Op.90 No.4,+,Schubert,+,
2097.mid Impromptu in E-flat_Op.90 No.2,+,Schubert,+,
2098.mid Impromptu in G-flat_Op.90 No.3,+,Schubert,+,
2099.mid About Foreign Lands_& People Op.15 No.1,+,Schumann,+,
2100.mid Almost Too Serious_Op.15 No.10,+,Schumann,+,
2101.mid Arabeske_Op.18,+,Schumann,+,
2102.mid By the Fireside_Op.15 No.8,+,Schumann,+,
2103.mid Catch Me!_Op.15 No.3,+,Schumann,+,
2104.mid Child Falling Asleep_Op.15 No.12,+,Schumann,+,
2105.mid Curious Story_Op.15 No.2,+,Schumann,+,
2106.mid Frightening_Op.15 No.11,+,Schumann,+,
2107.mid Important Event_Op.15 No.6,+,Schumann,+,
2108.mid In the Evening_Op.12 No.1,+,Schumann,+,
2109.mid In the Night_Op.12 No.5,+,Schumann,+,
2110.mid King of the Rocking-_Horse Op.15 No.9,+,Schumann,+,
2111.mid Perfect Happiness_Op.15 No.5,+,Schumann,+,
2112.mid Pleading Child_Op.15 No.4,+,Schumann,+,
2113.mid Restless Dreams_Op.12 No.7,+,Schumann,+,
2114.mid Reverie_Op.15 No.7,+,Schumann,+,
2115.mid Romanze in F-sharp_Op.28 No.2,+,Schumann,+,
2116.mid Soaring_Op.12 No.2,+,Schumann,+,
2117.mid The Happy Farmer,+,Schumann,+,
2118.mid The Poet Speaks_Op.15 No.13,+,Schumann,+,
2119.mid The Song's End_Op.12 No.8,+,Schumann,+,
2120.mid Whims_Op.12 No.4,+,Schumann,+,
2121.mid Why?_Op.12 No.3,+,Schumann,+,
2122.mid Etude in c-sharp_Op.2 No.11,+,Scriabin,+,
2123.mid Romance in D-flat,+,Sibelius,+,
2124.mid Valse Triste,+,Sibelius,+,
2125.mid Rustles of Spring_Op.32 No.3,+,Sinding,+,
2126.mid Arabian Dance_(Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2127.mid Chinese Dance_(Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2128.mid Dance of the Reed Flutes_(Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2129.mid Dance of the Sugar-Plum_Fairy (Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2130.mid June (Barcarolle)_Op.37 No.6,+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2131.mid March_(Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2132.mid Mazurka_Op.39 No.10,+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2133.mid Neapolitan Song_Op.39 No.18,+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2134.mid Old French Song_Op.39 No.16,+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2135.mid Overture_(Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2136.mid Russian Dance_(Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2137.mid Song of the Lark_Op.39 No.22,+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2138.mid Sweet Dream_Op.39 No.21,+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2139.mid Waltz of the Flowers_(Nutcracker),+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2140.mid Waltz_Op.39 No.8,+,Tchaikovsky,+,
2141.mid Punch_(Le Polichinelle),+,Villa-Lobos,+,
2142.mid Rondo Brilliant_in E-flat Op.62,+,Weber,+,
2143.mid When You Wish Upon a Star,+,+,+,
2144.mid Over The Rainbow,+,+,+,
2145.mid Memory,+,+,+,
2146.mid Moon River,+,+,+,
2147.mid Mr. Lonely,+,+,+,
2148.mid When a Child is Born,+,+,+,
2149.mid 13 Jours En France,+,+,+,
2150.mid Somewhere Out There,+,+,+,
2151.mid Love Theme_from Romeo & Juliet,+,+,+,
2152.mid Love Story,+,+,+,
2153.mid He Was a Beautiful,+,+,+,
2154.mid The Way We Were,+,+,+,
2155.mid The Windmills_of Your Mind,+,+,+,
2156.mid The Friendship,+,+,+,
2157.mid Adagio,+,+,+,
2158.mid Nocturne,+,+,+,
2159.mid Lare's Theme_from Doctor Zhivago,+,+,+,
2160.mid IL Ferroviere,+,+,+,
2161.mid Love Theme for Nata,+,+,+,
2162.mid Beauty and The Beast,+,+,+,
2163.mid Tess Song,+,+,+,
2164.mid Les Parapluies_De Cherbourg,+,+,+,
2165.mid Can You Feel_The Love Tonight,+,+,+,
2166.mid Por Una Cabeza,+,+,+,
2167.mid As Time Goes By,+,+,+,
2168.mid Around The World,+,+,+,
2169.mid A Love Idea,+,+,+,
2170.mid A Window to The Sky,+,+,+,
2171.mid Love Theme_from The Godfather,+,+,+,
2172.mid Sunrise Sunset,+,+,+,
2173.mid Star & Stripes Forever,+,+,+,
2174.mid The Jewel of The Nile,+,+,+,
2175.mid A Whole New World,+,+,+,
2176.mid Shindler's List,+,+,+,
2177.mid Aldila,+,+,+,
2178.mid M


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